Popular Citycoco Scooter

Item: Popular Citycoco Scooter
Max Speed:40km/hr
Range (per charge): 35-40km,65-70km
Max Angle Scope: 20°
Net Weight: 66Kg
Gross Weight:71Kg
Max Load: 175Kg
Motor Power:1200W Brush less Motor
Battery Capacity: 60V 12AH,60V 20AH

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Product Details

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Proffy.com Popular Citycoco Scooter is a different design than the classic look. The model has a speed of 40 km / h and a range of 60 km, which is quite ambitious as it climbs up to a 20 tilt. Proffy.com models for lithium-ion 20Ah Samsung batteries will feature 12-inch aluminum wheels, custom fenders and stylish tires.

Product Detail
More Stronger unit-body Frame

Packing and Shipping

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