Cool Electric Scooters for Adults

Item: cool electric scooters for adults
Maximum load:200KG
Engine: 1500W
Maximum speed: 25km/h, 40km/h(optional)
Grade ability:18°
Charging Time:8-9h
Battery capacity: Lithium battery, 60V/20Ah
Charging Voltage:100-250V

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Product Details

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Appearance parameters
Max loading: 200KG
Motor: 1500W
Max Speed: 25km/h, 40km/h(optional)
Distance Per Charge: 60km
Climbing: 18°
Charging Time: 8-9h
Battery: Lithium battery, 60V/20Ah
Charging Voltage: 100-250V
Tire size:18*9.5inch
N.Weight: 51kg
G.Weight 60kg
Product Size: 1759*750*700mm
packing size: 1760*380*880mm

Product Detail

Inspection Process
Each model will checked strictly before shipping.

Packing and Shipping


1, How well does the electric scooter work in the rain?
We don't recommend operating the scooter in the rain for safety reasons. Your vision is worse, roads are slippery, and it takes longer to stop. It is generally not a good idea to bike or scooter in the rain. However, if you got caught up in the rain on your way home, the e-scooter is water-resist and will still function well. Just remember to wipe the water away and keep it dry once you are indoors to ensure adequate product life. Moisture doesn't mix well with electronics and batteries.

2, How well can the electic scooter handle a hill?
For an average weighted person, our scooter can take an uphill of 10-12 degree incline (~15% slope), which should be adequate for most streets/roads. We have some riders scooting around some places and they are performing just fine. For notorious up hills, riders can still kick scoot the scooter and propel themselves up the hill, it's still faster than walking or biking.

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