Outdoor Electric Scooter for Adults

Item: outdoor electric scooter for adults
Maximum load:200KG
Engine: 1500W
Maximum speed: 25km/h, 40km/h(optional)
Distance: 60km
Charging Time:8-9hours
Battery capacity: Lithium battery, 60V/20Ah
Charging Voltage:100-250V

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Product Details

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Have you been looking for the best outdoor electric scooters with seat for adults with no success? Due to the increased numbers of such scooters, you may find it tricky to find the ultimate choice.
So, how do you need to go about it?
Finding the best electric scooters with seat for adults may be very simple when you have an informed opinion of what you really need.
The construction and durability are some of the key factors besides price you need to look out for. Apart from this, the battery life is also an important consideration to check out for.

Product Detail



Side Reflectors
Hydraulic Disc Brake System


Complete Accessories


Why choose us

1. Strict uniform price system to ensure that the interests of each agent dealers.

2. Perfect marketing network and management system.

3. Well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control system.

4. Indurstry-leading technical,R&D more professional.

Inspection Process
Each model will checked strictly before shipping.

Packing and Shipping



Customer service is our way of life and we attach great importance to every question and concern! If you are experiencing problems with your electric scooter, please contact the dealer from where you purchased your vehicle. Our dealers are our top specialists who can easily repair and fix your electric scooter.
Together with our technicians, we thoroughly check and troubleshoot your problem to ensure that we keep you electric scooter. In some cases, we also ship spare parts directly, which can then be installed by the customer themselves (e.g., spare tires).
Please get in touch on our support page.

Quick Facts: Two Wheel Electric Scooter

Two wheel electric scooters, also known as electric mopeds, electric bicycles, E-cycles, or E-Bikes are becoming a popular mode of transport and commuting means that is also suitable for persons with limited mobility. Around the world the movement towards real efficiency and power in electric scooters and bikes is moving forward at an encouraging rate. Electric scooters are environmentally friendly and are 99% less polluting than any gasoline driven engine. Electric scooters use no energy when stationary at traffic lights, they have no moving engine parts that cause friction, and do not need additional energy sources apart from re-charging of the battery(s).

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