Cool Fat Tire Scooter

Item: cool Fat Tire Scooter
Max loading: 200KG
Motor: 1500W
Max Speed: 25km/h, 40km/h(optional)
Distance Per Charge: 60km
Grade ability:18°
Charging Time:8-9h
Battery:Lithium battery, 60V/20Ah

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Product Details

Cool Fat Tire Scooter, Fat Tire Electric Scooter, 60v electric scooter, E-MARK ELECTRIC SCOOTER, 1500w electric scooter, electric scooter for adults

Product Detail

20Ah, 60V Lithium-Ion Battery


Complete accessories


Inspection Process
Each model will checked strictly before shipping.

Packing and Shipping

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1,Is there a scooter that is affordable and eco-friendly?
Yes! is your brand for its model electric scooter. It is battery powered, sit-down scooter with a beautiful bamboo deck board. It has a 1500-watt extra high torque motor; 60 volt charge system with varying speed and throttle.
2,I need a scooter that could drive steep hills and streets, could a scooter handle terrain like this?
They absolutely can. If you need a scooter than can handle an up-hill thrust, then the best brands for this are Super scooters. They have the electrical energy to beat up-hill paths and soften descent on steep hills.
3,Do I need to assemble a scooter?
Yes. In most adult models there is some assembly required. Nothing complicated though. Depending on which model you choose to buy, it could be: handle bar assembly, deck installment, wheel installment, etc. You'll never need to work hard on assembling.

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