Led Headlight Fat Tire Scooter

Item: led headlight fat tire scooter
EEC&COC Certificate
Max Speed:40km/hr
Range (per charge): 35-40km,65-70km
Max Angle Scope: 20°
Net Weight: 66Kg
Gross Weight:71Kg
Max Load: 175Kg
Motor Power:1200W Brush less Motor

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Product Details

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Product Detail
LED Headlight


More Stronger Unit-body Frame

Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

20Ah, 60V Lithium-Ion Removable Samsung Battery

Packing and Shipping

1,Could I change my scooter's factory default tires?
In most cases you absolutely can. Just follow your scooter's manual and a bit of research to see if your brand and model is capable of personal modifications.
2,Are there any warranties for scooters?
Yes! Proffy.com brands may offer 1 year warranty when purchasing at any participating retail or from the manufacturer.
3,I have seen that some people sell chargers, do I need to buy one separately?
You could if you wanted to! But really, it is not a necessity. Every electric scooter, whether for children or adults, comes with an adapter to charge the battery. There is no legitimate reason for a scooter not to be included with its own charger.

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