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Advantages of Electric Scooter
- Jul 13, 2018 -

At present, the electric scooter is also a popular means of transportation, but the scooter must be brought to more convenient and practical hot aspects, so I will be welcomed by the vast number of users.

1 stopwatch: now the scooter is designing a stopwatch to show the speed and speed of the scooter. The electric scooter is designed to enable users to better understand the speed performance of scooters. For example, if you can compare the different parts of the road and the speed of the road, you can ride faster.

2, shock absorption system: the electric scooter traditional electric scooter has a certain tire toughness only in the basic design to reduce the vibration, even some users show that the traditional electric balance car exceeds some hurdles and deceleration belts, because the poor damping causes some pain in the buttocks. After adding shock absorber system, the electric scooter can solve these related problems.

3, foldable: the traditional scooter is fixed or disassembled and carried. This kind of scooter is not easy to carry and is not easy to store. The electric scooter is based on the improved new electric scooter, and the related parts such as the cushion and the handrails can be folded, and the portable space is easy to carry.

So when choosing electric scooters, we have to choose scooters that are suitable for ourselves.

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