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Can You Save Mmoney By Buying A Scooter?
- May 14, 2018 -

Can you save money by buying scooters? The answer is yes, if you drive enough, rather than driving your car. Of course, saving money is not the only reason to buy scooters. They can ride bicycling very interestingly, they can easily and cheaply stop, and save gas.

This form will calculate how much money you will save, and how long it takes if you drive a motorcycle instead of driving your car to pay for the motorcycle. Suppose your car costs the same regardless of whether you own a motorcycle or not. If you ride instead of driving, you will save much more quickly.

You need to enter 8 values.

The number of miles you ride a week instead of driving.

Every year you use the number of weekly scooters. Suppose that if you don't use scooters, you can drive. So if you use a 40 - week scooter every year, the calculation assumes that you are driving the same distance in the other 12 weeks (we don't calculate the holiday time!).

The cost of natural gas for your motorcycle (general, plus, advanced)

The fuel cost of your vehicle may be normal, plus premium or diesel fuel.

The total purchase cost of scooters includes sales tax and any ownership fee. If you haven't got a helmet, coat, gloves, etc., you can add the price here. You can assume that you will never sell anything, in this case, you enter the total amount of money you pay, or if you think you will eventually sell the scooter, you can enter the difference between what you pay and your idea when you sell it, it will be worth it. The input is at least 1 dollars.

Your estimated cost of ownership in addition to natural gas every year. This will include registration, insurance and periodic maintenance, tires, inspection fees (if any) and estimated maintenance costs.

Your expected motorcycle mpg (for example, for the 50cc scooter 100mpg, for the 150cc scooter for 80mpg, for the 250cc scooter for 65mpg, for any bigger scooter may be 50mpg).

The estimated mpg of your car is the same as that of your motorcycle.


Editor’s Note: This post was Updated by Proffy.com on 14 May,2018.

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