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Citycoco Battery Quality
- Mar 26, 2018 -

Battery prices account for 30% to 60% of Citycoco's production costs. Therefore, you can imagine the price difference between the high quality Citycoco and the poor Citycoco.

Proffy.com is different from other Citycoco because of its high quality battery.

Thanks to its removable battery, the scooter does not need to be brought to the charging point. The battery is easily recharged and the final touch distinguishes it. In a plastic housing separated by bolts, one will not damage the next one. You can see it in this photo:


Proffy.com's battery fully complies with the following specifications:

plastic shell

protect the circuit

Precise separation bolt

Does the size of the battery reflect its power?


unnecessary. Each current can have a high or low current intensity, but if they have the same power, they will have equal equivalent dimensions. In fact, the size of the 60V25Ah battery is twice that of the 60V12Ah battery.

If the power factor is divided by 2, then a 60V 12Ah power battery with a 60V25ah battery size can be found. You now understand why the prices of two physically similar vehicles range between $500 and $750.

About our Citycoco battery.

The 60V12Ah lithium-ion battery must have high quality. If there is any physical deformation, then the interior is probably not very good either. Our products meet the requirements of our customers in terms of quality. Citycoco's 60V12Ah battery requires an actual distance of 30 kilometers, but some models priced at $400 only have a battery life of 8 kilometers.

The 60V20Ah lithium-ion battery is Citycoco's best compromise and its battery life is 50km. The longer the battery life, the longer the battery lasts. Ordering from us ensures that you are satisfied with the life and life of your battery.

If you can afford the 60V25Ah lithium Ion, you should go for this option. It is costly but the battery lasts for about 70km, and its lifetime is longer. When two people are using the vehicle, it is better to opt for at least a 60V20Ah lithium Ion battery, or even better for a 60V25Ah lithium Ion.

Editor’s Note: This post was Updated by Proffy.com  on 26 March,2018.

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