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Common sense of safe use of two-wheeled electric vehicles
- Feb 27, 2018 -

1. In the beginning, climbing on the pedal to the pedal to help the line, to avoid the start of the current too large, long time overload work, causing the motor coil, line, battery and governor overheating damage;
2. If the electric vehicle charger is inferior in quality or long time charging, the charger temperature often will be very high, this kind of case can cause the fire easily, therefore cannot be taken lightly when charging at night;
3. Often check the circuit plug contact, to avoid contact with the point of contact to the ignition, fever, prevent the line aging, wear and tear caused by short circuit, series of electric accidents;
4. The battery will emit flammable gas when charging, so the charge must not be in the storeroom, the basement and so narrow, sealed environment, in order to avoid the explosion of mixed gas.

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