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Different Options For Braking On An Electric Scooter
- Apr 26, 2018 -

If you move forward, you also want to brake.

We have foot brake, and you use the heel to clamp the lid of the rear wheel, so that resistance between the cover and the wheel will eventually slow down and stop.

As a second option, we have a hand brake, where you use disc brakes mounted on front wheels or rear wheels, usually at the rear. When you press the manual clutch, it will generate pressure on the brake disc and start slowing down.

The third option is the electric brake system. These are very common on the wheel motor. This is not to increase the speed, but to use the generative braking system to increase the resistance between the internal magnet of the motor. This resistance will eventually stop it completely. Electric brakes are neat. If they have regenerative functions, they will quickly recharge when braking or downhill.

My favorite is the combination of compact discs and regenerative brakes. When the electric brake is closed due to an empty battery or fault, or when the electric brake is not enough, the disc brake can be used in case of emergency. However, using the electric brake as often as possible will make your battery travel longer, because the braking energy is converted to battery charging.

The frame itself is nothing but everything that is put together. In order for you to use these components effectively, you need to take a foothold somewhere.

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