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- Mar 16, 2018 -

e-Mark In the form of signs is divided into two, one is a rectangular frame, a frame is circular, representing the different content:


Rectangular frame means to stop the vehicle and the exercise of state can be used instead of the normal use of the products, such as:

Car chargers, car lamps / torches, car air pump, car massage / heated seat cushion, car fans, Electric Car, car refrigerator, coffee pot Car, Car TV / stereo, electric car jack, car cleaners, automotive power tools, etc.


Refers to a circular frame in the vehicle to stop and the exercise of state, must be used in products such as:

Windshields, seat belts, headlights, etc。

Out of the box the number of 1,2, ... 13 ..., on behalf of the e-Mark awarded certificates in different member countries of the EU Code. For example: 1 on behalf of Germany, 4 representatives of the Netherlands, 13 representatives of Luxembourg, 23 on behalf of Ireland and so on, that is, as shown by the code-named the Ministry of Communications issued by the State e-Mark certificate.

Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffy.com  on 16 March,2018.

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