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Electric Big Wheel Scooter Offers Versatility & Oomph
- Jun 12, 2018 -

If the electric motor is competent, the fat wheel riding on electric bicycles and scooters can be exciting. We have covered two electric bicycles (electric bicycles), which are so far interesting in corners.

Cool, electric "big Phat Scooter"

For the last two years, the fat wheel has been an upsurge. We can find them on bicycles, motorcycles, and even motorcycles. Although some electric tire scooters appear here and there, they are mostly handmade, and are not readily available. This is what the electric wheel scooter is trying to solve. It aims to expand the audience.

Interesting things with the electric big wheel scooter

What we notice is the details of the project to overcome some problems that appear on the low speed and fairly wide roads.

Electric Big Wheel Scooter Offers Versatility  Oomph.jpg

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