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Electric Scooters and the Law
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Electric scooters have been in existence for some time, but there seems to be some confusion about where they can legally ride.

Although the roads are not completely troubled by these silent two wheeled vehicles, many unregistered scooters are on public roads - no crash helmets.

Is this legal? Here, Bikesure, a professional motorcycle insurance broker, gives you the question of whether you can ride an electric scooter on the road.

There are two main types of electric bicycles: the electric power pedal cycle, which is mounted with a pedal, and a newer road legal scooter. It has no pedal and is powered only by the motor.

In all respects, these later machines look almost the same as standard gasoline engine 50cc scooters in almost all aspects.

Let's first deal with pedal driven electric assisted bicycles.

If you are 14 years old or more, you can ride one of these bicycles legally, but in order to classify it as a "electric power pedal cycle", it must comply with the following electric power pedal cycle (EAPC) rule:

1) it must have a pedal that can be used to push it.

2) when powered by an electric motor alone, it can not travel faster than 15.5 miles per hour (obviously faster than this pedal).

3) if it is a bicycle, the weight of a bicycle (including the battery, not the rider) shall not exceed 40 kilograms (kg). If it is a bicycle or a tricycle, it shall not exceed 60 kilograms.

4) the maximum power output of the motor is 250 watts

5) the bicycle must have a panel showing the manufacturer, the nominal voltage of the battery and the power output of the motor.

These bicycles do not need to pay taxes, insurance or MOTd. They can be used anywhere in the standard pedal cycle, including roads and bicycle lanes.

In contrast, more powerful electric scooters and mopeds must be treated in exactly the same way as ordinary scooters or mopeds.

Proffy electric scooter with legal can be ride to the road.


Editor's Note: This post was Updated by Proffy.com on 17 Jul,2018.

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