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How Difficult is it to Learn Bike or Scooter without Even Knowing Cycle?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

There are two ways to ride a motorcycle or motorcycle on the road:

Body skills - balance, control use, grip experience, and muscle memory from experience.

Theoretical knowledge and experience: underestimating road rules and handling bicycles in different situations.

As has been pointed out, many motorcyclists or motorcyclists are good cyclists. If you don't have the experience of balancing two wheels and riding on the highway, you will find it very shocking when you first take the scooter.

In short, buying a suitable electric scooter takes months to balance and handle cross-country driving, then brush your freeway code and take a few more months to ride on the road. When you feel confident in electric cars, you can ride the electric scooter to the beach on weekends like me.

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