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How Do The Parts of The Electric Scooter Communicate With Each Other?
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The motherboard / management system is the brain of your scooter. This part tells other parts what to do. It collects information from batteries, motors, throttle and electronic brakes. Then access the collected information and send it to each part.

What I want to say is that it can be a motor that is driven by a chain outside the wheel, or the wheel motor that is installed inside the wheel ring is your riding muscle. In terms of sound level, response time, torque and power, the hub motor is much better than the outboard motor. This keeps your cycling going, but we need more parts to work with the motor to make it work.

At that time the throttle and the battery began to play. When you press the accelerator, you tell the motherboard that there is no problem. We want to go ahead at this speed. You can click slowly or press down quickly. That's if you have a variable throttle valve.

The main board then opens the gate to keep the battery power. Then the battery energy flows through a set of wires to the motor, and then obtains the signal of rotation speed with the energy of the battery. This signal is sent from the motherboard, telling it that the exact power needs to be reached by you as a cyclist by pressing the throttle.

The motor begins to spin and then goes out!

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