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How Do You Think About A Harley-Davidson For The Sidewalk?
- Nov 22, 2018 -

One of the main criticisms of electric cars is that they often lack the original appeal that makes you want a product that goes beyond any buying concept because you need it.

Curiously, the world of electric two-wheelers has not encountered this kind of trouble, especially when you delve into the field of simple bicycles. Perhaps their low budget features make great designs easier to implement, but many of the cheapest electric cars are already the most attractive and attractive.

Scrooser - pronounced Skroo-zer (via In.at) - may be the best example of a heart-shaped electric car at the lower end of the spectrum.

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Scruce first tested the scooter in Barcelona, and it was known as "Harley-Davidson on the sidewalk". This description is very suitable, although its recent contemporary may be the Honda Ruckus scooter, with a similar minimalist feel. It is more relaxed than the equivalent pedal electric bike. Some people may say that some places are more fashionable, it is not difficult to imagine the most fashionable urban area wearing tight jeans, urban people wearing hats riding Scrooser.

Its manufacturer claims that it takes only a small amount of effort to get Scrooser to move. Like the scooters of older children, 

just push your feet and start moving, then take over the power aid. Continue to advance, you will continue to accelerate, with a top speed of 15 miles per hour. It uses a 1000W pulse hub motor and a lithium-ion battery mounted low on the chassis. For large tires, the stability should be quite good.

The distance is said to be 22 miles and up to 34 miles available if you are willing to help it through another push now and then. 

Charging time is between 1-3.5 hours.

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The total weight is only 61 pounds and can withstand 275 pounds of individual. In particular, if you are tired, or just want to look more calm, there is a small seat on the rear wheel.

If there is a problem, it is the price. Scrooser allows you to book its products for up to $4,790. This is more expensive than the fast, equally low-power smart eBike saddle that you jump on, even if the smart eBike isn't as cool as a scooter.

Ok, not very practical. However, it still has such a factor that you can buy a more cost-effective Proffy Electric Scooter, which is several times cheaper than Scrooser.

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Editor's Note: This post was Published by Proffy.com on 22th Nov,2018.

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