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How to choose electric scooter?
- Feb 27, 2018 -

Wheel: The wheel is made of PU shock glue, if the usage is not much (about 1 weeks two times), it is best to change every six months, such as frequent use (about 1 weeks 5 times), the best to change the wheel of electric scooter every March.
Pedal: Inferior electric scooter pedal can bear the weight of small, adult one step on the bend, pedal bending enough to affect the entire skateboard car structure, so that players can not be handy or even dangerous, and the general safety pedal can withstand 110 kilograms below weight.
Spring: Spring on the wheel is the latest electric scooter improved design, can assist the operator to complete the difficult movement, but also to help the body stability.
Armrest: Sponge can have the function of shock absorber, and have the function of perspiration and non-slip, inferior handrail sponge is more easy to damage.
Brake: The brake is located at the top of the rear wheel, before buying to use foot, check whether the electric scooter brakes are active, and play with the correct posture.

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