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How to choose the most favorite electric car
- Feb 27, 2018 -

In the purchase of electric vehicles, we first saw the appearance, high-quality electric vehicles from the appearance of the people to the texture, structural symmetry, surface intact, even translucent paint.
After the appearance of satisfaction, according to the actual operation of the manual, check the entire vehicle's working status. Speed transition should be smooth, start without impact, wheel rotation should be flexible, no lag heavy sense, wheel rotation sound soft, no noise, the brakes should be moderately tight, braking reliable.
If the electric car test drive is also very good feeling, then also need to check whether the auxiliary function of the electric vehicle is in the normal state, such as electricity display, speed, mileage display, etc. is normal.
Some ancillary items of electric vehicles also need to pay attention to inspection, including accessories, chargers, certificates, manuals, warranty cards.

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