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How To Tell If Your Scooter Battery Is Bad?
- May 24, 2018 -

You can take a variety of steps to accurately determine whether your battery is really bad or other problems are the root cause of your problem.

How long does the battery pack have not been charged? Ask yourself this question. If it has been in place for more than six months, the battery pack is likely to have failed.

Charge the battery pack for 8 hours: however, do not charge the battery for more than 12 hours, because it is possible to overcharge and further damage the battery pack.

Test battery charger: insert it into the wall and view one or more indicator lights on. If there is no indication light or the indicator lights flicker, the battery charger is faulty.

Test the battery pack by running the scooter: by testing the battery, the battery pack is fully charged and the full throttle pedal is trampling on the scooter on the flat ground. Remember the duration of the battery pack. Most electric scooters run on the ground for 45 minutes. If the battery pack lasts less than 30 minutes, it may well be worn out and replaced. If the battery pack lasts less than 20 times, it will wear moderately and should be replaced. If it lasts 5 to 10 minutes, you should replace it yesterday.

Or, if your motorcycle doesn't work, you can check the battery pack of your motorcycle with a 12 volt car battery tester. All auto parts stores will sell these products, and in the case of Mosr, they will allow you to load electric motorcycle batteries free of charge.

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