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Is It Legal to Ride an Electric Scooter in the UK?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

You see a lot of people playing electric scooters, so they must be legal, right? In fact, although it is legal to buy and use electric scooters on private land, they are not allowed to be used on public roads or sidewalks in the UK - and there are no plans to amend the ruling.

Electric scooters - also built in low-power motors, are classified as PLEV or personal light electric vehicles. They are not subject to taxation or registration, but they are not legally used anywhere outside the UK.

This decision seems a bit out of date, especially when you think the speed of the electric scooter is usually faster than the non electric scooter favored by many children on the way to school or even when adults go to work.

However, because they are maneuverable and have no pedals, they are illegal on the bike lanes and sidewalks, and because they are low power, they are illegal on the road.

That is to say, if you drive the electric scooter responsibly and take due care of the pedestrians and road users, we find that you are not likely to be pulled by the police.

According to DfT, there is no plan to amend the law of electric scooters in Britain. However, other European countries are adopting a more modern approach. In France, PLEV can reach 25 km / h on the bicycle lane, while Austria and Switzerland extend it to road use. In France and Germany, PLEV can also reach 6 km / h on the sidewalk.

The state of California also accepts PLEV driving on bicycle lanes and sidewalks and roads, provided that drivers are over 16 years old and wear helmets. By contrast, PLEV will be fined 500 dollars in New York.

It seems unfair, but it is worth noting that EAPC (electric bicycles), as standard bicycles, are regarded as standard bicycles, as long as they have pedals, less than 25 km / h, always have front and back brakes, lights and reflectors at night, and the motor is not more than 250W. Electric scooters can meet many - but not all - these requirements.

If you want to travel on the road, they must take legal road, collect taxes and insure them. You can choose the Proffy Big Wheel Scooter, you can ride on the card, usually in 1000W-2000W, and cyclists must be 16 years old and wear helmets.


Editor's Note: This post was Updated by Proffy.com on 17 Jul,2018.

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