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Motorcycle Brakes Maintenance Tips
- Jul 20, 2018 -

For fast speed things, they must stop at the same urgency, so the only responsibility is braking. Motorcycle is equipped with special brake unit for each wheel in the two wheels. Regular inspection and maintenance of brake parts to ensure the safety of cyclists is essential.

Disc brake:

Nowadays most motorcycles use disc brakes in advance, and many motorcycles also provide disc brakes for rear wheels. Two important inspections need to be revoked when handling disc brakes. First, always check the remaining brake fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir. The liquid storage device used for the front disc brakes is usually located on the handlebar, and for the rear disc brakes, it will be attached to the right of the rider's foot pedal or behind the heel of the left side.


1. ensure that the brake fluid is always at the right level.

2. if not, carefully open the reservoir cap and fill the container with the brake fluid. To supplement, a new brake fluid container is opened because it has a tendency to accumulate moisture over a period of time.

3. do not let the brake fluid fall on the motorcycle's paint or body panels, because it will seriously damage these parts.

The next inspection is to ensure that the brake pad is healthy and worn. Brake pads under great pressure and abuse should be inspected regularly. If you allow the brake disc to be used to the edge of the material, it will seriously damage the disc brake rotor and need to replace the whole brake assembly, which can be very expensive.

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