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Some Tips for Cleaning and Polishing Your Bike
- Jul 21, 2018 -

You love your bike, but it's not enough to love it. Proffy share some simple steps to ensure that your bicycle remains the same as you remove it from the exhibition hall.

Step 1: the first step is always to start with clean washing. Just wash the bike with water, then use any car shampoo on the market to clean the bike. Shampoo helps remove dirt and dirt, and does not work too hard without damaging the paint. Scrub the bicycle with a piece of foam or soft cloth. Make sure you do not put electrical appliances in too much water and damage them.

Step 2: once the washing is completed, the next step is to remove all the excess water. Wipe the bicycle with a dry soft cloth. As shown above, clean or blow dried water tends to accumulate areas, such as fuel cap, battery terminal, spark plug area and so on, which are very important. Not removing the accumulated water can also cause nuts and bolts to rust, which has proved to be a major problem in the future.

The step 3: after we dry the bicycle, we polish it. There are many popular brands that can be polished or polished. However, regular polishing is easier to use. Apply wax or polishing agent to a piece of foam and apply it to the bicycle as a circular motion as shown in the above figure. After evenly smearing the entire bicycle, put it in mist for at least fifteen minutes.

The step 4: the last and last part of the conference includes the use of clean soft cloth to wipe off the shiny haze. When it comes to wax polishing, the degree of erasure may become more boring, but it is easier to wipe off regular polishing and leave a squeaky clean glossy surface. A gleaming motorcycle like this is a great thing outside the exhibition hall. Everything looks pure, metal has perfect flashes, tires are free from dirt and road debris, and seats are actually begging. Although it was hard to get into this state, I was delighted to get that result.


Editor's Note: This post was Posted by Proffy.com on 21 Jul,2018.

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