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This Harley Electric Scooter Vehicle Is Bigger Than A Car Wheel
- Mar 21, 2018 -

In these two years, due to people's increasing attention to new energy transportation methods, a large number of short-distance travel tools have been born based on the needs of the city. Although they have different shapes, their starting points are similar, and the core is to solve the problem. Five kilometers of travel.


Citycoco's distinctive appearance is mainly manifested in two major aspects: First, two super-large tires, 18 inches in diameter and 9.5 inches in width, can be erected without even opening a ladder. The average car tire is just about this size, and how domineering it is to use it in this "motorcycle" product.

citycoco scooter.jpg

Followed by a streamlined integrated frame structure, connecting the front and rear wheels, carrying about 100KG, enough to meet most users. There are no prominent structures in the handlebars and other locations. Citycoco looks so simple because all its mechanical parts are hidden in the wheels.

electric scooter.jpg

The large rear wheel is equipped with a 1000W motor and uses a lithium battery nominally capable of endurance of 80 kilometers. It weighs only 4.76 kilograms. It is learned that charging 1500 times can be used for at least two years, hidden in Citycoco's skateboard floor.

city coco.JPG

Part of the electric components is the maximum torque of 95N/M that can be provided. The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes are also used together with the electronic brake system. The dry braking distance is only 1.2 meters and the wet method is 3.1 meters.


Citycoco is not only different from traditional electric bicycles in terms of styling. This urban scooter is also very special in riding. Apart from riding in a regular sitting position, it can also be seen riding and gliding. It is mainly for young people.

In terms of intelligence, Citycoco has a "standard" APP. The main functions are embodied in two aspects: First, statistics on riding data, and second, customizable riding patterns. In the latter, the user can set a set of his favorite cycling mode by adjusting the car's acceleration, output power, climbing performance, etc., just like the speaker's sound equalizer.

Among them, the power-saving mode controls the power consumption, and the sport mode is more maneuverable. In the actual test ride experience, the difference will be noticeable. In addition, because Citycoco has a unique product structure such as a large tire, a long wheelbase, and the like, its turning radius is quite large, and it is desired to be skilled in operation and it takes a while to adapt.

two big tire electric scooter.jpg

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Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffy.com on 21 March,2018.

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