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What are Disc Brakes?
- Mar 22, 2018 -

As with other types of brakes, disc brakes are used to slow down or stop motion. They slow the movement of the wheel or stop it completely by applying friction and pressure. Also known as the rotor, the disc is attached to the wheel, or in some cases attached to the axle.

Disc brakes are usually made of ceramic material or cast iron. They supply electricity in different ways, from electromagnetic, hydraulic and pneumatic to mechanical. When the disc brakes are engaged, a frictional force is generated, causing the brake pad in the brake caliper to push toward the disc.

This will cause the movement to slow and may cause the wheel to stop moving completely. These processes occur when you apply pressure to the brake pedal of the vehicle. Although disc brakes have long been used in vehicles, they are not the most common brake systems. As the demand for stopping the supply of vehicles increases, they are mainly used for sports cars or other high-performance vehicles.

Today, disc brakes are more common than drum brakes. They also find use in sports equipment such as mountain bikes. Due to the existence of various types of disc brakes, certain types of disc brakes are more effective for certain applications, equipment or vehicles.

For example, slotted or drilled discs may be preferred by racing or bicycling because they allow air, dust, moisture, and gas to be released through openings in the disc. Otherwise, a layer of film will form on the disc, which will generate too much heat. If the disc brakes are not ventilated in any way, this may result in less than optimum performance as well as cracks and cracks.

Compared with drum brakes, there are some important components that make disc brakes the first choice. Key considerations are: better heat resistance, greater ability to recover after moisture, and the ability to apply a proportional force based on the pressure exerted on the brake pedal. However, in some light vehicles, there may be a combination of front wheel disc brakes and rear wheel brakes. Since the front brake tends to do most of the work, it makes sense to use a disc brake in this position.

Utilizing these two types of brakes allows manufacturers to reduce costs and help create a simpler parking brake system. Weight must also be taken into account. Drum brakes reduce the overall weight of the vehicle compared to disc brakes, so this combination can be very effective depending on the type of vehicle.


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