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What are Motorized Scooters?
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Motorized scooters are motor vehicles with two wheels. Also known as a moped or electric scooters, a motorized scooter is an economical way to get to work in town without spending too much gas. They are commonly used in Europe, Asia, and other warmer climates. Mopeds usually weigh no more than 130 (60 kilograms) pounds and speeds up to 35 mph (56 km/h). Motorized scooters are powered by a single engine, making it the preferred means of transportation for people who wish to travel to nearby areas while saving money.

Similar to motorcycles, motorized scooters have safety features including horns, mirrors and lights. The throttle and brakes are manually controlled, making the bike as simple as riding a bike. Consumers can also buy electric motorcycles. Due to the lack of gas and environmental protection, some consumers may prefer to use battery-powered motorcycles rather than traditional motorcycles.

As with any vehicle, it is important that drivers practice good safety practices. Every time you drive a motorcycle, drivers should use suitable helmets. American consumers should look for a helmet that has a DOT label. The DOT sticker ensures that the consumer helmet is approved for use.



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