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What are the Advantages of Scooters?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

It is not uncommon to see many European and Asian streets flooded with electric or gasoline motorcycles, but Americans still seem to prefer cars and even run to the smallest errands. Scooters have several advantages over cars and motorcycles in improving efficiency and convenience, but letting the American public accept them is still a challenge for scooter manufacturers.

When fuel costs rise, a clear advantage of scooter is fuel economy. The tank that fills most scooters accounts for only a fraction of the cost of retaining a typical car tank. For those with tight budgets, the cost of keeping a scooter running is negligible compared to cars. Since scooters can be equipped with extra storage boxes and maintain the speed of the city's streets, many local errands can be operated with a gas box or full charge.

Even the most expensive motorcycles on the market today are much cheaper than motorcycles and economy cars. The insurance requirements for motorcycles are usually less than the equivalent liability insurance limits for cars and motorcycles. Many people find motorcycles difficult to operate and are not suitable for daily activities such as shopping or commuting. Even the most economical car may require a large monthly payment in addition to licensing fees and mandatory insurance. On the other hand, scooters are much easier to operate than motorcycles, and even the smallest cars can endure little or no liability.

Parking and storage are another advantage of scooters compared to larger vehicles. In many big cities, finding a suitable parking space for a car may create an endless loop around a crowded street or charge an extra fee in the parking lot. The destination may still be blocked, leaving the driver with no choice but to walk. Scooters can be legally parked on city-sponsored bike racks or fixed with chains on solid objects on the sidewalk. This means that motorcycle owners can often find suitable parking spaces anywhere on their planned route. Scooters can also maintain the speed of the city traffic, making it less dangerous than bicycle cyclists or pedestrian.

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Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffy.com  on 19 March,2018.

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