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What are the Different Types of Bicycle Tires?
- May 07, 2018 -

The choice of tires for bicycles is one of the most important ways to improve or hamper the performance of bicycles. There are different types of bicycle tires, which are specially designed for different bicycles. They fall into two main categories: clamps and tubular tires.

Compact tyres are the most widely used type of bicycle tires. Also known as steel tire, it is most commonly used in road and mountain bike leisure models. Most of the street bike tires are compact tyres.

The tire is designed with a woven fabric shell coated with rubber. It has a structure consisting of a U outer cover, which contains a single inner tube. The rim of the tire is called "bead", which is made of solid steel wire and hooked the tire rim to ensure safety fit. The inner tube is filled with air to prevent the tires from collapsing.

A special version of the bending tire is folding tires. The folding tires can be folded tightly for transport or storage, while providing the same functional characteristics as ordinary bicycle tires.

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