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What is a Dirt Bike?
- Sep 30, 2018 -

A dirt bike is a off load motorcycle that is lightweight, powerful, fast and flexible. There are many different uses for dirt bikes, from race to sightseeing and more. The size and function of a dirt bike depends not only on the type of ride, but also on the person riding the particular dirt bike. Almost all dirt bikes have knobs or semi-knob tires, and the treads of these tires are sufficiently aggressive to handle a variety of terrains - from dirt to rock, from smooth dirt roads to inclined and descending paths.

Perhaps the most common type is off-road bicycles. Motocrosss are designed primarily for cross-country racing. These dirt bikes are designed to be fast and strong, without increasing the overall weight of the bike. Motocross bikes, like all other off-road bikes, are measured by the size of the CC, which refers to the size of the engine. In general, the more CCs an engine has, the more powerful the bicycle is. These bicycles use suspension forks and rear impacts to absorb terrain obstacles and large jumps, which are common in motocross races, and they have high ground clearance to avoid track obstacles.

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