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What Is An Electric Conversion Kits?
- May 02, 2018 -

Electric bicycle technology is developing rapidly and improving. The most advanced electric bicycle parts this year may not become the most advanced components next year. That's not to say that electric bicycles are affected by the "Moore's law" like your computer, but if you get the answer from an electric bicycle study that you left a few years ago, update your intelligence discovery. The following is a list of terms and terminology used by the entire electric bicycle industry. By familiarity with these terms and terminology, you will be able to better understand the information provided by the electric bicycle company, and you will be able to ask the right questions.

I set out a number of generic terms to first describe a number of individual components of the electric bicycle system, and then list the specific electric bicycle components to break the list. The term "current", "volt", "watt" and "ohm" are the standard measuring units for any electrical equipment specification.

Ampere, volt, Watt and Ohm are the main measuring units for measuring electric power. Ohm is a very important measure of electrical resistance, but it is rarely used, so I will not use it. Most electric bicycle kits will be advertised with volts and watts to explain the size of their competitors, the 36V 800W hub motor kit. This number can be easily manipulated, so it is not very reliable. Some better quality kits will use volts, amperes and Watt, that is, 36V 25A 900W wheel motor kit. It is better to consider the capacity of the controller. Sadly, these can also be drowned. If you remember the formula volt x ampere = Watt, you will be able to accurately determine the actual output of the motor according to the components and batteries you will use.

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