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Which Electric Bike Would Suit You?
- Apr 12, 2018 -

What motivated me to mix my bike with a cool Vespa motorcycle and meet in different places these days. London is a big city. Sometimes on bicycles, the prospect of long-distance travel looks like a Tour de France. So on a day when the distance is approaching infinity, I will use a scooter rather than a bicycle. This has some advantages and some disadvantages: Vespa is a fast machine, but the helmet is heavy, it flattens hair that already has a flat tendency; the machine is also not flexible: unlike bikes, it cannot be on the train or on the Behind the car.

But when the scooter was stolen, I knew I needed to change it. A friend suggested that I consider using an electric bike. At first I was disdainful. I am still in a middle-aged young age. What is the role of bicycles in wheelchairs? My friend is persistent. He pointed out that you can get all the benefits of motorcycles, but there will be no disadvantages: MOT, taxes, gasoline and parking problems. After reflection, this is an attractive argument, like a scooter, which I can put on the train, or behind a car to Cornwall and other hills.

Proffy electric ebike.jpg

Editor’s Note: This post was Published by Proffy.com on 12 Apr,2018.

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