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Why is My Scooter Battery Not Holding Charge?
- May 22, 2018 -

You should check your motorcycle battery regularly to ensure that it does not work properly, as you would expect, because if the battery is prone to failure, the battery is prone to failure. It takes a few minutes to maintain the battery from time to time, keeping your battery in perfect shape and ensuring long battery life.

Especially when it comes to battery charging, this may be due to many different problems. Most of the time, these problems are related to the battery itself. The battery is damaged due to long time use, or because it may have failed, so the battery cannot be charged. In this case, the battery may even break or break.

How to make your skateboard battery

Most people do not realize that when the skateboard is not used for a long time, its battery is slowly discharging. Once your charging level is lower than a lower level, your charger will not be able to restore it to its original shape, so your charger battery may completely disappear. You can take two simple steps to minimize the chance of this happening.

Every two weeks, please plug in a battery charger before going to bed at night. Pull the plug on the second morning. This assumes that you have a removable battery pack that you can access without too much trouble. Throughout the winter.

If you do not have a detachable battery pack, you should know that if the sealed battery is not connected to the battery terminal of the scooter, they can charge the battery from 6 to 12 months. After full charge, please disconnect it from the scooter. Move them to a safe place - extreme temperatures, cold and hot, and shorten their lifespan - and put them there until you need them.

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