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Why the fast charging station is not good for the battery
- Feb 27, 2018 -

To answer this question, it also needs to be explained by the principle of fast charging, which is fast because it can increase the current of the charge, The normal charging current is generally 1.5a-2a, and the current of the fast charging station is about 9A, in contrast to the current of the fast charging station is 5-6 times that of the household, which increases the current to realize the purpose of fast charging.
But the current is too large, resulting in battery no pulse protection, so that it in a short time charging effect is obvious, but the battery plate damage is very large, so as to accelerate the plate vulcanization, aging, leading to the plate off, breakdown and so on, and now the market on the electric car battery more than 90% are lead Under normal circumstances is not allowed to increase the current charge. Since we know that fast charging can cause damage to electric car batteries, we should try to avoid using fast charging when we use trams.

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