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Why Would I Use an E-bike Over a Regular Bike?
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Why would I use an e-bike over a regular bike?

Answer: there are many reasons:

You need to go faster and easier than regular bicycles. Depending on the way you choose to ride, you can travel at an average speed of 18 miles per hour or faster without having to make great efforts. For some bicycles, you can even average 25 miles per hour.

Mountain climbing is a piece of cake. We are not talking about the breeze blowing and blowing.

There is no sweat. Although you can ride faster, you don't feel like you have to bathe when you are there.

More secure. This may seem opposite to intuition, because you can run faster than a regular bike, but you can start more easily from the stop, making you more stable and faster through an intersection.

It's easier in these joints. Use electric assistor to relieve pressure on knees and buttocks.

Keep it together. You may have a riding partner whose riding speed is different from yours. Electric bicycles can even save money for the two of you.

Take the car away. The convenience, simplicity and speed of electric bicycles make it more often replace cars than ordinary bicycles. A study by Portland State University shows that electric bicycle owners ride bicycles more often and further than traditional bicycles. This is the case in all ages.


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