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Company Outdoor Team Activity| Proffy Electric Scooter
- Aug 06, 2018 -

All members of Proffy Elctric Scooter Company conducted field expansion training in the “Shenzhen Development Training Base”. The activity was based on the theme of “Cohesion, Communication and Cooperation”, with the expansion of the project as the content, and the team as the form, a series of team tasks on the same stage.

The event is divided into four theme activity modules: “team formation, team integration, team improvement, team actual combat, ultimate challenge”. The hierarchical level gradually improves the overall cohesiveness of the team, and makes the team become closely united from the initial unfamiliarity. In the final "Ultimate Challenge" event, more than 100 members of the Technical Engineering Department successfully achieved their goals with less than 12 points, which fully reflected the high efficiency and dedication of the technical engineering department as an effective team and cooperation among team members spirit.

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