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The Faster The Electric Scooter Is, The Better?
- Feb 27, 2018 -

When buying an electric car, it is easy for the consumer to take the speed of an electric scooter as one of the conditions for buying or not, thinking that the faster the speed is, the better the performance of the electric scooter is, in fact, not so. According to the specific provisions of the "SGX", the current speed of electric vehicles must be under 20km, and the weight can not exceed 40kg, more than will be included in the motor vehicle category, more stringent management.
For electric scooters, the best speed should be between 18~20km/h, less than this speed can not play the actual role of transport, greater than this speed will bring security risks, after all, for a small wheel diameter electric scooter, for the road to adapt to poor, need a relatively stable driving state, In the course of driving also need to choose a better road, at the same time speed should not be too fast to protect their own riding safety.

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