Scooter Big Wheel for Sea

Item: scooter big wheel for sea
Max Speed:40km/hr
Range (per charge): 35-40km,65-70km
Max Angle Scope: 20°
Net Weight: 66Kg
Gross Weight:71Kg
Max Load: 175Kg
Motor Power:1200W Brush-less Motor
Battery Capacity: 60V 12AH,60V 20AH

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Product Parameters
Motor power:1000W
Max speed: 40km/h
Max load : 200kg
Size: 175*75*70cm
Net weight: 66kg
Brake: disc brake
Battery: 60V 12AH,60V 20AH
AC input: AC100-240V 50~60Hz
Charge time: 4-6 hours
Wheel Size: 18" x 9.5"inches
Tire type: pneumatic tire
Range: 12AH battery 40km, 20AH 70km with full speed in flat road(We tested with 60kg driver, if with the speed 30km/h, 12ah can reach 50km), detail range depends on you weight, road and driving skill will have some different
Packing size:164*38*73CM
Gross weight:71KG

Product Detail


Packing and Shipping


1: How do I choose an electric scooter?
Depends on which factor you are most concerned with.
They are: size, speed, warranty, price, battery.
You can check out our blog for tips or the electric scooter buying guide on our home page

2: What's your warranty/refund policy?
The warranty covers defects that are not caused by negligence (E.g. the motor stopped working without exterior damages).
However, if there is obvious dents or damages on the product due to misuse/accidents, we are unable to cover for that.
Under warranty, our technician will perform repair services for free. The repair usually takes 1-2 weeks. If repair is not possible, we will provide a new product.
The warranty period varies for different product. You can check the individual page for the warranty period.

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