E-scooter CE

Item: e-scooter ce
Place of production: China
Power: 1500w
Voltage: 60v
Certification: EEC
Charging Time: 6-8 Hours
Fordable: No
Range Per Charge: 60km
Tire Size: 18*9.5inch

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Product Details

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Proffy.com new big wheel e Scooter available. EEC & COC are ready to export to Europe.


Product Description


Why you choose us ?
1.Passed by EEC certificate
2.100%QC inspection before shipment
3.We produce products based on your request strictly
4.Sales Quota: America 40%,Europe 30%,Southeast Asia15%,Middle-east 10%, Africa 5%

EEC certification ( E-mark certification ) is based on the European Commission (ECE) in Geneva signed and promulgated the ECE regulations implemented a system of auto parts approval.
The COC certificate is required by many countries and exported to the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. The customs of the importing country needs the importer to provide the COC (Certificate of Conformance) certificate issued by the recognized international certification company.

Inspection procedure
Every product has a rigorous inspection procedure before shipment.


Packing and Shipping


1, Cruise control is provided with this scooter?
Yes, the scooter has cruise control function. Press the acceleration right thumb for 5 seconds and the cruise control will automatically enter.

2, Are the wheels comfortable?
The front wheel, with the integrated motor, has a soft rubber that makes it very silent and comfortable. There's almost no difference compared to an inflated wheel. The back wheel has a semi hard rubber. Advantages include little noise, and not much ground friction, all this contributing to the scooter's performance about speed and battery life. An inflated wheel or a soft rubber tire would not do well with the presence of the emergency brake in the back. With the rear spring shock absorbed your comfort is assured.

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