E Scooter Lithium Battery

Item: e Scooter Lithium Battery
Max Speed:40km/hr
Range (per charge): 35-40km,65-70km
Max Angle Scope: 20°
Net Weight: 66Kg
Gross Weight:71Kg
Max Load: 175Kg
Motor Power:1200W Brush less Motor
Battery Capacity: 60V 12AH,60V 20AH

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Packing and Shipping

1, Are the scooters weather resistant? For example if it rains.
In most brands they are proven weather resistant, but, it is still recommended that you store the scooter in a dry and cool place. Most electronics are protected with durable covers and usually run underneath the scooter's board.
2, Does climate affect a scooter's performance?
In some cases it could. A very hot day could cause overheating of the electrical battery, causing the battery energy to drain faster and in long-term affect overall performance of the scooter.

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