E Scooter with Big Wheel Tubeless

Item: e scooter with big wheel tubeless
Manufacture: China (Mainland) EEC APPROVED
Max loading 200KG
Motor: 1500W
Max Speed: 25km/h, 40km/h(optional)
Distance Per Charge: 60km
Demonstrability: 18°
Charging Time: 8-9h
Battery: Lithium battery, 60V/20Ah

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Product Details

E scooter with big wheel tubeless, for Harley scooter one seat, for Harley electric bike, fat tire scooter, long distance electric scooter

Product Detail

White big wheel electric scooter


Pink for Harley electric scooter



Packing and Shipping

How long should electric scooter batteries last before needing to be replaced?
This depends on how often you use your scooter, but you could be looking at around 18 months to two years. When your battery is fading, you'll notice its capacity will reduce and you won't be able to travel the distances you once did on a single charge. For this reason, it's a good idea to book an annual service and consider replacing your batteries then

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