Headlight Big Wheel E Scooters

Item: headlight big wheel e scooters
Max Speed:40km/hr
Range (per charge): 35-40km,65-70km
Max Angle Scope: 20°
Net Weight: 66Kg
Gross Weight:71Kg
Max Load: 175Kg
Motor Power:1200W Brush less Motor
Battery Capacity: 60V 12AH,60V 20AH

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Product Detail

Led Headlight

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1, How fast can an Electric Car/Bike go?
As fast as you like. Just like a petrol powered car/bike, you can modify and tune your EV to reach optimum levels of performance. While most electric scooter are commuter cars, there are a few production cars that offer great performance.
2, Where do you recharge a plug-in vehicle?
A) Most people recharge overnight in their own garage, or in an apartment basement, or driveway, but there are public chargers for electric cars as well in parking garages and shopping centers. Contact your EV manufacturer on public chargers.

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