Yellow Big Wheel E Scooter

Item: yellow big wheel e scooter
Manufacture: China (Mainland) EEC APPROVED
Max loading 200KG
Motor: 1500W
Max Speed: 25km/h, 40km/h(optional)
Distance Per Charge: 60km
Demonstrability: 18°
Charging Time: 8-9h
Battery: Lithium battery, 60V/20Ah

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Product Details

Yellow big wheel e scooter, for Harley electric scooter Spanish, sea electric scooter, lithium battery for Harley scooter

Product Detail
Orange for Harley electric scooter


White 2 big wheel electric scooter


Green for Harley electric scooter


Packing and Shipping

How often should I charge my electric scooter battery?
It depends on how often you use your scooter but, as a general rule, if you use your scooter during the day you'll need to recharge its battery at night. There is no need to run the battery down before you recharge – it won't damage or affect the battery’s capacity if you charge it when it's not empty. With some scooters you're not supposed to charge the batteries if they have more than 80% power left, or charge them for more than 12 hours at a time. The instructions should make it clear whether it's possible to overcharge the batteries; this is something we look out for when we test scooters.

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